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  • Dr. Anna Lunaria, D.Ac. Ms.Ac. L.Ac. CMT CYT CHT

Winter Solstice Harmonizing Acupuncture

Did you know there are special acupuncture treatments that bring you into harmony and alignment with each season when you receive them at the Equinox/Solstice?

Chinese medicine has it’s ancient origins in Taoism. Taoism is a ancient philosophy that is about living in harmony with the Tao (the way, or the path). The Tao is the creative universal principle. The Tao is the One, in which all things are unified and connected. To live in harmony with the Tao is to connect with the rhythms of the Seasons, to live in connection with and harmony with Nature. With our modern lifestyles it can be challenging to remain connected and in harmony with the Seasons and Nature. Receiving these special Equinox and Solstice treatments can be a profound way to reconnect and reorient oneself around the solar clock represented by these times of the year. Each season has a particular psycho-emotional-spiritual association; these treatments realigns one with the particular phase of Seasonal development

Winter is the Season of the Will, or the Zhi, according to Taoism and Oriental medicine. When we are out of balance, our will can become drained and weak or the other extreme, we can driven by our fears and become rigid. The Winter Solstice harmonizing treatment involves just two points, one at the inner knee and the other at the outer foot. (This treatment can be done alone - or integrated into a treatment with other points.) Kidney 10, as the Water point on the Yin Water meridian it promotes fluidity in all aspects of being by lubricating, cleansing and cooling all aspects of being. This point also lessens resistance to change by decreasing anxiety and fear. Kidney 10 strengthens our willpower (zhi) and helps us overcome the patterns of the our habituated Mind. Ki10 helps us ‘wash away’ the accumulations of the mundane and the habituated while it empowers us to gracefully manifest our life purpose. The next point is Urinary Bladder 66. This point quiets and cools the nervous system while empowers the Zhi (will) to flow effectively into the world while decreasing the anxiety that one may have about this; our actions flow with grace and quiet reserve. The appropriate exertion of power happens effortlessly, meeting challenges utilizing the appropriate level of resources and reserves without feeling overextended. This point is especially useful for those who always operate from a place of fight or flight/stress mode when all actions are based on a reaction to fear, draining one’s life force. It also helps to bring more balance to those whose decisions are based solely on ambition, overwhelming all other aspects of life. What a perfect way to help us with New Year's Resolutions and Self-Actualization!

Come to Yin Rising and ask for the Winter Solstice/New Year's Resolution Harmonizing treatment! Make an appointment on-line @ or give us a call @ (480) 206-6199.

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