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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Acupuncture has been continuously practiced for over 2,500 years. Through careful observation and analysis, Masters of acupuncture have refined the practice by documenting their cases and noting patient responses to treatments. We have over 2,500 years of case studies attesting to the efficacy of acupuncture. And beginning in the 1970’s modern Eastern and Western style scientific studies have begun to document the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating many different kinds of conditions.

I have personally experienced acupuncture working. Over the past twenty years I have received acupuncture and gotten significant results for the following: headaches, PMS, stress, insomnia, back and neck pain, hamstring ligament strain, colds & sore throats, coughs, acute gallbladder pain, as well as supportive care before, during and after my pregnancy. My own personal experience with the profound healing power of acupuncture is what motivated me to become a licensed Acupuncturist.

I heard an incredible acupuncture success story on my first shift of the 900 hours of Student Intern Clinic I completed as part of a Masters of Science in Acupuncture: the very first patient I encountered was a former Boston police officer. While on duty he was in a horrible car accident; he woke up from a coma to discover his legs were paralyzed. Soon after he suffered a stroke too and began to suffer from seizures. Doctors told him that even with intensive physical therapy he would never walk again. He was referred to Barrow Neurological Institute for his seizures, so his whole family relocated to Phoenix. Frustrated with his lack of progress he decided to try acupuncture. Within a couple of weeks of treatment he was able to get up from his wheelchair and begin walking a few steps! And after a couple more weeks of acupuncture treatment his seizures began to diminish. He now walks, works, and has been seizure free for years. He continues to receive acupuncture about once a month. And he says before his accident he would have never considered getting acupuncture, but now he is a walking, smiling bill board proclaiming, “Yes! Acupuncture really works!”

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