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Summer 'Mini' Sabbatical for Anna Lunaria

Summer Mini-Sabbatical Schedule

Anna Lunaria will only be working the following weeks/days during June & July 2106.

Please plan ahead and book your acupuncture + bodywork and/or acu-facials NOW!

Anna's sessions always get booked FAST!

June 6-June 12

June 20-June 25

June 27: Monday only

July 8-9: Friday-Saturday only

July 11-15

July 22-23: Friday & Saturday only

July 25-29

Why a Summer Sabbatical? Anna recently completed her Master's degree in Acupuncture after being in school full time and working full time for FIVE year!!! Anna is Yin Rising's founder! Anna is also mother to fantastic 11 year old. Anna plans on using her weeks/days off to slow down and enjoy life - and savor the Summer experience with family, travel and reading for pleasure - as well as working on the meta-level of growing Yin Rising. Have a great summer - and see you @ Yin Rising soon!

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