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  • Anna Lunaria

Cupping Therapy CE class for LMT's!

Sunday, Sept. 18 @ 8 am - 5 pm $186

Yin Rising in Tempe, AZ

Cupping therapy is a centuries old healing technique used to relieve pain by promoting circulation and releasing myofascial restrictions. While most manual bodywork techniques use pressure to release pain and tension, cupping therapy uses suction to lift skin, fascia and muscles. Cupping therapy is a great adjunctive therapy for LMT's to integrate into their practice: it's a great way to improve therapeutic outcomes for clients with less physical effort.

* Learn and be able to discuss the benefits of cupping

* How to perform cupping safely and how to avoid injuring clients.

* Understand the contraindications of cupping.

* Discover different techniques and how to apply them to clients based on their conditions and constitution, including facial cupping.

* Understand when to use different styles and sizes of cups: glass vs plastic, suction vs vacuum & more to discover which work best for different parts of the body. Watch a demo of fire cupping and learn why LMT's should not perform this type of cupping.

* Discover salves and liniments to apply post cupping to disperse bruising makes.

* Learn the proper way to clean cups between clients to prevent the spread of disease.

* Understand why you may want to have clients sign a cupping therapy informed consent release form.

* How to market this amazing technique.

Earn 8 Continuing Education hours: Sign up on-line via (Massage CE Classes) or via the free Yin Rising App (workshops)

NCBTMB Approved Provider Anna Lunaria #450474-07

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