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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

Monsoon Acupuncture Treatment: Harmonize Your Center

Did you know there are special acupuncture treatments that bring you into harmony and alignment with

Monsoon Season

each season? Chinese medicine has it’s ancient origins in Taoism. Taoism is an ancient philosophy that is about living in harmony with the Tao (the way, or the path). The Tao is the creative universal principle. The Tao is the One, in which all things are unified and connected. To live in harmony with the Tao is to connect with the rhythms of the Seasons, to live in connection with and harmony with Nature. With our modern lifestyles it can be challenging to remain connected and in harmony with the Seasons and Nature. Receiving these seasonal treatments are usually best near Equinox and Solstice and can be a profound way to reconnect and reorient oneself around the solar clock represented by these times of the year. The treatment to harmonize wit the monsoon season or the humid-damp late season of summer lacks a specific date but is rather a climatic phase of late summer. In addition to balancing specific health conditions each seasonal treatment has a particular psycho-emotional-spiritual benefit; these treatments realigns one with the particular phase of Seasonal development.

St36 Zu San Li Three Mile Point, also known as the Sea of Nourishment point it promotes longevity by activating Qi and Blood strongly. This point is one of the most studied points. The ancient traditional actions of this point promotes digestion, energy, vitality and longevity while also boosting Wei Qi, protective Qi, which is similar to the immune system. St36 imparts the motivation and the stamina to accomplish and finish your actions while making you more receptive, balanced and stable. St36 allows you to set you intention and energize momentum behind your center because St36 is the Great Harmonizer: aligning thoughts, emotions and actions. St36 has the ability to awaken your life purpose.

Sp3 the Source point of Earth Yin, Tai Yin. As such it is considered a tonic point to harmonize and regulate all aspects the digestive process from start to finish: absorption, fluid balance, bowel moments, gastric pain. Psychologically this point removes karmic blinders that obscure our ability to true nature of our desires, what motivates our actions and influences our choices. This point can align our integrity and seeking reciprocity: letting go of excessive appetites or things that diminish our life force. Use this point to resolve sweet cravings. Tai Bai imparts the simultaneous feeling of being grounded and mobilized with clarity to follow a path.

Harmonize with the Season with Earth points to balance Damp-Heat aka humid and hot weather of the end of summer especially if you have weather related changes for you: migraines, joint pain, body stiffness, insomnia and restlessness, anxiety, sluggishness, foggy headed, or a lack of clarity.

During the Monsoon season if you’re feeling heavy, lethargic, stuck or without motivation, stubbornly clinging to bad situations you should try the Monsoon Harmonizing Treatment: 2 points St36 & Sp3 will be added to your acupuncture treatment, along with other points for your individual constitution.

Make an appointment for acupuncture during Monsoon season to harmonize your Center!

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