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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

Relaxation Revolution! How Acupuncture Naps can make a radical difference in your health & wellb

During most acupuncture treatments, people often become deeply relaxed and drift pleasantly in a meditative state or fall asleep, taking a short, rejuvenating nap. What is so powerful about the acupuncture naps? Here’s a great quote by Marc David, a psychologist, “In America, most of us tank up on caffeine or sugar during the metabolic decline of 2:00 to 5:00 PM, pushing through our fatigue in service to a way of life that values the overdrive gear more than any other speed. Can you imagine what life would be like if you could relax during this time and let go of achieving and conquering? Numerous studies have shown that one or two fifteen- to twenty-minute rest periods during the day will profoundly increase cognitive function, physical performance, mood and energy. You don’t even need to sleep during this time. It’s simply about rest, stillness, closing off outside sensations, and recharging your batteries. Simply put, resting is a metabolic enhancer.” (Marc David) And when you add acupuncture to that 20 minutes of rest you get a super boost of energy, enhancing cognitive function, increasing metabolic function and elevating moods!

Yin Rising's Community Acupuncture Clinic is a perfect place to get regular acupuncture naps. Community Acupuncture is done in a group setting which allows for Sliding Scale Fees of $20-$40 (+$10 First Visit Fee). We also offer personal acupuncture, for this who prefer more privacy ($65 + $20 First Visit Fee). Rest, relax and recharge with acupuncture today!

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