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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

ElectroAcupuncture: BioElectric Natural Medicine: Activating the body's innate healing potential

ElectroAcupuncture has ability to reliably and effectively induce specific neurotransmitters

and neuropeptides. Imagine all the benefits of pharmaceutical without the negative side effects instead with positive side effects!

How does ElectroAcupuncture work? After selecting the proper acupuncture points for your diagnosis, we place clips from a portable electro-stimulation device (e-stim) onto the needles. By applying different frequencies and amplitudes, we can prompt your body to produce your own internal bio-pharma-medicine!

ElectroAcupuncture can promote the release of endogenous opioids, those your own body makes as well as:

  • Dynorphin is powerful long lasting endorphin (pain killer) that also improves depression and anxiety. Dynorphin is long lasting and will usually remain in your system 2-3 days between treatments.


Experience the benefits of electroacupuncture! Make your appointment for Electroacupuncture today! Electroacupuncture is not voodoo: it is not magical: it is bioelectric medicine! While you will experience some effects immediately other effects take time to ‘turn on’ and the effects build with cumulative treatments. To experience the true power of ElectroAcupuncture it is recommended to come 2-3 times per week for 3-6 weeks (sometimes longer for long term pain or very intense pain). Ask about Electroacupuncture treatment packages @ Yin Rising Acupuncture with Anna Lunaria, L.Ac. LMT CHT CYT

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