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Acupuncture for Bones: Healing Fractures and Osteoporosis

X-ray hip
X-ray exam

Acupuncture is great for helping the healing of broken bones! A retrospective study done in Taiwan showed that compared to patients who did not Acupuncture, those who did get Acupuncture post-hip surgery had a lower risk of death, a lower risk of readmission to medical complications and a lower risk of post-op surgical complications (Lin, 2020).

A research study found that Acupuncture for healing bone fractures (in rats), found that acupuncture speeds up fracture healing by eliminating free oxygen radical that inhibit healing while regulating the antioxidant enzyme activity that supports bone healing (Seval, et al, 2020).

In a systemic review and meta-analysis of Acupuncture for treating spinal vertebral compression fractures in those with osteoporosis, Acupuncture was found to safer and more effective in relieving pain with fewer adverse events while also showing a greater improvement in bone density and pain index (Li, 2021).

Eastern Herbal Medicine (EHM) has been used for over 3,000 years for bone healing. Modern research has shown that herbs can and should play an essential part in regenerating bones post fractures as well as for osteopenia and osteoporosis (Peng, 2022).

Acupuncture and topical/internal trauma herbs can be effective collaborative care along with standard orthopedic care. Do you know someone who could benefit from Acupuncture and EHM? Refer them to Yin Rising Acupuncture!


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