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Balance Your Fire & Heal Your Heart with Summer Solstice Acupuncture Treatment

Summer Solstice Acupuncture Treatment: Balance Your Fire Element and Heal the Heart!

Did you know that each Solstice and Equinox there are specific acupuncture treatments meant to harmonize you with each Season? Summer is the season of Fire and of the Heart. Summer is the season to heal the heart! The following treatment uses the Fire points located on each of the four Fire meridians to balance the Fire within you, boosting it if it's too low and sedating it if its burning too hot! Plan on coming to to Yin Rising Acupuncture between June 18-June 24 for Solstice Balancing treatment!

Balance the Fire within

Heart 8 (Ht8), also called 'Inner Treasure of the Palace': Revitalizes and Re-ignites the heart’s fire. Release and let go of old worries and fears and tap into the courage to move forward. Diminish habituated force/urgency of repressing or unfulfilled desires. Feel harmonized and inspired! HT8 tonifies or sedates heart fire. Treats ‘burn out’

Heart 8 is located on the palm: curl your pinkie finger into palm as if making a fist to find Ht8.

Small Intestine 5 (Si5) is also known as 'Yang Valley'. This point fans the 'alchemist's' flame and burn off past karma that blocks transformation. Si5 empowers the fire of conscious awareness. Si5 imparts a clarity of vision as one's process: helping us sort, filter and assimilates life’s experiences. If you're feeling lackluster, confused, lethargic, lazy, stuck - you need Si5 to experience clarity & vitality! Si5 is found on the pinkie side of the wrist, where the wrist bends to the side (between the ulna and the triquestral bone).

Pericardium 8 (P8) is also known as 'Ancient Palace of Ancestors' this point resurrects a weary heart’s. When the heart is weary from past heartbreak, this point can rekindle one’s joy. P8 can induce a state of bliss within the heart to transcend past pain and empower us to regain courage to live/love again. If sedated, it can quell mania, addictive behavior and calm the spirit. Great for insomnia. Find P8 by curling the middle finger into the palm, as if making a fist.

San Jaio 6, also called Triple Warmer 6 (SJ6) or 'Flying Tiger’ imparts abundant strength and energy. This point helps to regulates fluid metabolism as well as our internal thermostat. When this point is tonified it can boost metabolism; when this point is sedated it cools inflammation. When this point balances the mind-body we are able to give and receive warmth and love, joy and harmony.

Come harmonize the season of Summer, balance your mind and body to nurture your wellbeing and experience joy with acupuncture! Schedule your next appointment today!

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