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  • Anna Lunaria, M.Ac.

Yoga & Self-Actualization: Align & Activate Your Higher Purpose

Through movement, breath, and meditation align your ego with the Higher Self to set intentions for 2016 in congruence with your own deeper Truth. Receive guidance from your bodhicitta, Wisdom consciousness. Illuminate your Path, chanting the Gayatri Mantra. Identify proactive steps for achieving your goals. Write down your intentions and steps and then create a vision board with art and images to illustrate your journey. Utilize your vision board daily throughout 2016 to refocus your energy and attention towards fulfilling your vision and keep your new year's resolutions. Art supplies and class material included in workshop fee: $75

Your instructor, Anna Lunaria is master of manifestation and self-actualization. Anna started college early at age 16 and attended three schools: Simon’s Rock of Bard College, A.A, UMass-Amherst, and Hampshire College, B.A. After attending the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts for a 650 hour Massage Therapy training, Anna moved to Lawrence, KS where she started her own massage and yoga business which expanded quickly from 0-500 clients and students within three years. Anna then founded the Lunaria Holistic Health Center, with a location in downtown Lawrence, KS. Within three years the business had expanded into two locations and over thirty employees. Another direction Anna manifested her vision and talent was with the Lunaria Bodywork Institute a Kansas State Board approved massage and yoga teacher training programs.

Yin Rising Yoga & Acupuncture is Anna Lunaria’s latest manifestation and its the natural evolution of her business as she completes a Master’s in Acupuncture December 2015 after five years of study. Yin Rising is dedicated to nurturing your wellbeing through gentle yoga, mediation, acupuncture, bodywork, - and coming soon…herbs & more!

What gives Anna the vision, energy, perseverance, and fortitude to manifest her dreams? Anna noticed early in life that when she focused her mind she could shift the way she felt about herself, which changed the way other interacted with her. Creating this inner shift naturally instilled confidence in the ability to manifest ideas into reality! Discovering yoga and mediation, illuminated a positive direction to use this ability to focus the mind and manifest intention. Yoga teachers us that the art of listening to the promptings of Higher Self is first to surrender the ego mind. This mind also happens to be the analytical mind. This is one of the essential mental obstacles that must be overcome in order to experience manifestation and self-actualization inspired by your Higher purpose. Come to the Yoga & Self-Actualization workshop on Jan 2, to learn how to how to do this!

And in case you’re interested in an astrological reason that gives Anna Lunaria an extraordinary insight into the inner workings of manifestation was born on The Day of Materialized Fantasy, May 6, according to The Secret Language of Birthdays. “Those born on May 6 are in touch with how fantasy, imagination, and the unconscious work…expert in guiding people through difficult times and helping them understand their motivations.” Curious what this book says about your birthday? This book and many other resources for understanding yourself on a deep level will be available during the Yoga & Self-Actualization workshop.

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