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12 Spirit Points for Spiritual Seekers: Activate your Spiritual Awakening with Acupuncture!

Did you know acupuncture can enhance your spiritual journey? Stimulating the 12 points that contain the word Spirit in their name can activate your spiritual journey by harmonizing your body and focusing your Spirit-Mind. Acupuncture has its roots in Taoism.

Spirit Point Acupuncture/Acupuressure

Taoism in essence is about living in balance or living in harmony. These points are also excellent for those who feel directionless and lost, burnt out, bitter or otherwise uninspired by life. Want to find your spark, reignite your passion, reconnect to a sense of destiny and purpose? Come experience the power of acupuncture to direct your life force towards your spiritual journey!

Spirit Point Acupressure & Yoga

Experience the synergy of yoga poses with acupressure of the 12 Spirit Points. The function of the points will described as described in this article will be spoken you’re guided into gentle yoga poses, breathing, acupressure, and visualization.

Spirit Point Acupuncture

Receiving acupuncture at the Spirit points is a powerful catalytic of your spiritual path. Those who are sensitive may prefer to experience one Spirit point per session (for a total of 12 sessions) while others may be able to assimilate up to three Spirit points grouped together (for a total of 6 sessions); Spirit points will be paired with additional points to support your underlying constitution. It’s advisable to space these treatments out according to your rhythm of awakening, taking time to integrate and assimilate. For most people this will be about a week to 10 days apart. You can go through the cycle slowly or more rapidly depending on your constitution. You can also experience the 12 Spirit Points through a Spirit Point Yoga & Acupressure class.

In the following paragraphs the way the treatments are described the Spirit Points are paired in groups of two-three: in the first treatment description I’ve included auxiliary, supporting points to balance the treatment(s).

Remember that how everyone experience of the points is unique. You may or may not experience the more sublet aspects of these points. The physical benefits may also be of benefit for headaches, breathlessness, neck and shoulder and back tension. There is a beneficial order of experiencing the Spirit Points., please follow the order outlined.

Treatment One:

The first Spirit point is on the head, GB18 is called Cheng Ling which means Receiving Spirit. This point unifies the mind and body by relaxing the rational mind and allowing one to reconnect to the unconscious mind. This point allows one to receive the ancestral Spirit, which reconnects one to a sense of destiny and purpose.

The second Spirit point is Ki24 called Ling Xu or Wild Land of the Spirit. This point is on chest and is used revive the Spirt by reconnecting you to a profound Source of wisdom. This point is also called the Spiritual Burial Ground. It’s a good point to resolve karma: helping you let go of anything obstructing your spiritual awakening. This point allows you to sense the unresolved ‘baggage’ weighing you down and understand how to gracefully let it go! This point imparts a deep connection with your Soul while boosting vitality! Ki24 is an excellent point to reawakens hope and wonder.

Supporting Points might include: Du 20, which means Grand Unity: this point helps you sense your part in the Whole: it imparts a profound experience of tranquility and calm. Other potential supporting points: SJ7 called Assembling Ancestors is considered a ‘super-highway’ point as it moves stagnation. Another supporting point: St36 the great harmonizer point is called 3 Miles point as it imparts a vigorous boost of energy to walk your Path.

Treatment Two:

Ki 25 Shen CangTreasury of Hiding Place of Spirit or Storehouse of the Spirit “Shen Cang is the safe storehouse of the treasures of the spirit. Here the reserves of the spirit, the pantry of dreams, visions, secrets of the Heart and the reaches of destiny….here our soul can feed on what it needs to grow and develop…here is man’s search to understand what the heavens need to reveal…gives our spirt the dreams and visions we need.”The third Spirit point is also on the chest, or (Kaatz, Debra, 2005, Characters of Wisdom: Taoist Tales of the Acupuncture Point) is called,. This point activates the inherently personal question: Where does Spirit dwell? Experience the sensation of ‘finding Spirit’.

The fourth Spirit point, Du11, is located on your back along the spine just below the 5th thoracic vertebrae, level with the heart. Du 11 is called Shen Dao or Spirit Path also called the Path of God. This point awakens our internal Spiritual compass, giving us direction and guidance as well as a sense of timing.

“This point can take us deeper into who we are and help us mature…Spirit is both around us and with us. At this point, when the time is right, we are able to open our senses to that vastness. it is a path that only our hearts can know and follow. When we can listen deeply within, then we can hear the wisdom that can act as a guide for life, and let it leads us along our true path, the path of Shen Dao.” (Kaatz, 2005)

The fifth Spirit point is located above the wrist, Ht 4 is called Ling Dao, which also means Spirit Path. Shen Dao and Ling Dao both mean Spirit Path but the meaning of Spirit is nuanced. Shen and Ling represent the Yin (Ling) and Yang (Shen) of the Spiritual Path. The Ling is more about turning receptivity into organized intent responding to Shen’s Spirit insight. Shen is the inspiration and motivation of Spiritual energy while Ling is the focused, organized intent of manifesting purpose. Ht4 reconnects the heart to a spiritual path prompting a shift in habits to support your intent. This point helps to resolve the pain and bitterness from grief harbored in the heart. Self-destructive and self-defeating habits dissipate and self-empowering and self-guiding habits create a positive momentum towards a spiritually guided path of Spiritual Self-actualization. Aligning your heart with your talents to manifest your purpose.

Treatment Three:

Ht 7Shen Men: Spirit Gate or Gate of God"At Shen Men the spirit of love flows, regulating and nourishing life with compassion and joy.” is known as (Kaatz, 2005) As the Earth point on the Heart meridian this point gathers together and grounds a scattered Spirit reigning and focusing the wandering Mind.The sixth Spirit Point is at the wrist: . “This gateway opens the the beauty of someone’s spirt. It allows them to both see the richness around reveal their inner beauty. This is the source and earth point of the heart meridian out of which comes the nourishment of warmth and love that bearings security and stability to the inner tender feelings of the heart. The Chinese say that when a man’s doorway is closed it is through ignorance and selfishness. It is through knowledge and generosity that the doorway is always open. it is also said that the best protection is love.

The seventh Spirit Point is Du 24: Court Yard of God: Shen Ting: Spirit Court. This point at the front of the head, center of the forehead just into your hairline. In the courtyard, you sit in mindful meditation effortlessly and listen. "Here those who seek (Spirit’s) wisdom can sit in quiet contemplation to prepare themselves for a great spiritual meeting.” (Kaatz, 2005)

Treatment Four:

The eighth Spirit Point is UB 44: Shen Tang: Spirit Hall: God’s Parlor, this is the outer transport point of the Heart. It’s located on your back between the scaulpa, level with the 5th thoracic vertebrae. “The caring centre of our inner nature. It is where we are one with the spirit of the earth. Here are the nourishing thoughts of the heart able to feed the hopes, desires, and cares of all the meridians.” (Kaatz, 2005) This point liberates the Mind from a tendency to dwell on thoughts and events by empowering the process of digesting and learning from life’s experiences; being nourished by life events we creatively express one’s Spirit by activating a congruence between mind and body. This point can harmonizes OCD, a racing mind, or stimulate the lethargic or bored mind.

Treatment Five:

The ninth Spirit Point is Ki 23: Shen Feng: God’s Area: Spirit Seal. Ki 23 unblocks the expression of the heart for some it can take months to fully appreciate the energetics of this point. This point is located on the chest. “Here is the quality and essence of our own unique inner seal receiving the guidance of the heavens. Shen Feng opens our soul seal. This touches the deep inner essence of who we are and what we can become. Shen Feng opens our hearts to the wonders and special gifts within.” (Kaatz, 2005)

The tenth Spirit Point is located at your belly button. We do not use an acupuncture needle here! CV 8: Shen Que: Shrine of God: Spirit Tower Gate, this is the belly button and acupuncture has traditionally been forbidden. Here the recommendation is to warm the belly with golden Moxa (a nourishing, warming herb and salt). Can also use flower petals in belly button: select the flower that the Patient identifies as being representative of Spirit/God, such as the Rose or integrate Flower Essence(s) into the treatment. “Here is the complete flowering of the greatness of our spirit.” Kaatz This treatment is also good for many digestive issues and lower abdominal/low back pain.

The eleventh Spirit Point is on the head, above the eyes just into the hairline. GB 13: Root of God: Root of Spirit: Ben Shen This point imparts a higher perspective by aligning with the highest emanation of Spirit. “Ben Shen is the established root of spirit. It is by reaching this root of spirt, the diviner can see the universe in the crack of turtle shell…When we touch the inner roots of spirit, everywhere around us becomes an inspiration full of life and wonder.” (Kaatz, 2005)

Treatment Six:

The final and twelfth Spirit Point is Du 10 Ling Tai Tower of Spirit, This is the Divine Terrace of the inner most garden of the Soul. This point bestows the blessing of sacred inspiration. This point cultivates the ability to listen and see, to receive marvelous, ingenious inspiration and guidance. Du10 imports the ability to become mediative, quiet and still enough to receive guidance. It is to be within the garden terrace of one’s Soul. Du10 is located just below the sixth thoracic vertebrae.

Repeat the cycle of the Twelve Spirit Points on a regular basis!

How to Experience the 12 Spirit Points?

  1. Spirit Point Yoga & Acupressure: experience the synergy of yoga and Spirit Point Acupressure! Join Anna Lunaria on Saturday Sept 3 @ 7:30 am @ Yin Rising Yoga & Acupuncture. Register via the free Yin Rising App or use on-line scheduling or email @ or call (480) 206-6199.

  2. Schedule an Spirit Point Acupuncture appointment with Anna Lunaria, L.Ac. Download the free Yin Rising App or use on-line scheduling or email @ or call (480) 206-6199. Or share this article with your favorite acupuncturist, and discuss doing these Spirit Points as part of your treatment plan!

A note about needling technique and depth for practitioners: To use these points for spiritual purposes they should needled with a shallow depth, this is the spiritual level of a point. When they are needled more deeply it stimulate the physical effects of the points. There may be benefit from starting at a deeper depth for 10 minutes and then finishing treatment at a lower depth for 10 minutes.


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