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Acupuncture Success Story: Infertility Reversed!

Happy to share this acupuncture success story of patient B. Last summer B arrived for her

first acupuncture appointment with the primary health concern of infertility. Her OB-GYN & as well as two Reproductive Medicine specialists had diagnosed B with infertility due to low egg count and lack of ovulation. B was told that without their help she would never get pregnant. As the typical cost of Reproductive Medicine infertility treatment is $10,000-$60,000 and involves taking powerful hormones B was seeking a more holistic alternative. I encouraged B to give weekly acupuncture & herbs 3-6 months to help balance her body. B received weekly acupuncture (points selection changes with each week of a woman's cycle) and took different herbal formulas each week (again according to her cycle). B also followed my nutritional advice and eliminated chemicals in cosmetics, plastics, etc that can disrupt hormones. We're delighted to reports that after 6 months of regular treatment B discovered she was pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy in October! B's treatments + herbs costs about $3,000. Not only did B avoid taking powerful hormonal drugs and receiving invasive medical treatments, she and her family saved significant $$$$!!!! B has referred 2 of her friends! Do you know someone struggling with infertility? Send them to Yin Rising!

Many research studies confirm that acupuncture is an effective treatment for infertility for both female and male. Acupuncture has been shown to improve ovulation by improving blood flow to the ovaries and uterus and regulating the the central and peripheral nervous system as well as the neuroendocrine systems (which regulates hormones and metabolism) and the immune system.

Infertility is an increasingly common problem. One in eight couples (about 12%) of all couples have trouble getting or staying pregnant. And a recent study indicates that sperm count have dropped by 50%, primarily in Western countries! Acupuncture and herbs can help men overcome infertility issues too! (

Every day @ Yin Rising Acupuncture we're helping people feel better & live happier, more fulfilling lives! We love offering natural alternatives to help you boost your fertility!

Make an appointment today on this website with Anna Lunaria, L.Ac. or give us a call @ (480) 206-6199!

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