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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! Predictions: Year of the Earth Dog!

Friday, Feb 16, 2018 makes the Chinese Lunar New Year: Year of the Earth Dog!

Year of the Earth Dog

During Dog years all people, regardless of what their Chinese Year sign is, will tend to value and cultivate the Dog Year qualities in themselves and in other. People born during the year of the Dog are known to be loyal, good natured, always ready to help other. They are a quick study and love to work. Dogs defend others. Dogs have a highly refined sense of value. Dogs are loyal, honest, cautious and prudent while also being amiable and cooperative. Ask yourself, which of the above qualities you want to bring into fuller focus in the next year?

In addition to 2018-2019 being Year of the Dog, this year is also an Earth year (last year was the Fire Rooster, 1970, my birth year was Year of the Metal Dog). Earth years are know as being phases of life when we focus on our physical bodies, our health and wellbeing. We become more focused on what nurtures us.

The Year of the Earth Dog is a perfect time to rededicate yourself to being loyal to your physical wellbeing! This is the year to guard and protect what you value most - knowing that health is also your wealth devote yourself to wellness! Since dogs love the company of others, those who find themselves alone may experience transient melancholy or loneliness: this is the year we realize the value of being part of a community.

@ Yin Rising Acupuncture we can help you nourish your wellbeing with Acupuncture Wellness Lifestyle treatments!

By nurturing your wellbeing and balancing your emotions in the Year of Dog you will be able to build health and creativity to have a most productive and prosperous year!

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