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  • Anna Lunaria, M.Ac., L.Ac., LMT. YTT, CHT

Body Motor Points & Electroacupuncture: How to speed up injury recovery & relieve chronic pa

Fascinating fact about muscles: they each have small areas in the muscle that if/when

Relieve pain via Motor Points release!

electrically stimulated cause the muscle to contract. When we move our bodies via the joints we use multiple muscles simultaneously: we feel pain when there’s an imbalance in the antagonist (opposite) muscles.

Via Motor Points and electrical stimulation we can activate a muscle in isolation. In Sports Medicine Electroacupuncture if there is pain or weakness: muscles are assessed for muscular imbalances and patterns. When there is pain or limited range of motion (ROM): we will always find muscles that are inhibited/weak or ‘turned off’ along with over active antagonist muscle(s) compensating. After an injury, such as an ankle sprain, muscles (locally and distally (further towards the head) on the affected leg to ‘turn off’. If muscles are not ‘turned back on’ a sprained ankle can much later manifest as knee pain with a

weak hip!

  • Sports Medicine Electro-Electro-Acupuncture assessment & evaluation finds the muscles that are turned off or overactive (spasming).

  • Electroacupuncture is applied to motor points to weak regions @ turned off muscle(s) to electrically activate and ‘turn’ on the muscle via the motor point. Think of this procedure like a jump start!

  • Muscles that are overactive/spasming receive a different sedative form of ElectroAcupuncture, an all natural electro-medical tranquilizer and analgesic (pain reliever).

  • Studies and clinical outcomes demonstrate that Electroacupuncture develops resilience (the ability to bounce back from falls and illness more easily).

  • Maintenance treatments prevents injury while boosting your health & wellbeing.

Anna Lunaria is an Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Electroacupuncture & Bodywork specialist with over 25+ years in restoring function after injury or chronic pain and enhancing athletic performance with Sports Medicine Electroacupuncture, Bodywork, Yoga Therapy, & Herbal/Nutritional Medicine. Anna has also taught over 1,500 hours of anatomy as well as 1,000 more hours + of other bodywork & holistic health topics, including her online wellness school @

Make your appointment today @ or give us a call @ (480) 206-6199.

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