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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

8 Natural Tips for having a good vaccine response!

Getting the Covid-19 vaccine is an urgent public health priority. We want support you finding natural ways to make the experience a positive one.

Although only 1-2 in a million suffer allergic response to most vaccines, the rate of allergic response for the Covid vaccine is 11 out of a million. This article contains advice for minimizing an allergic response to the vaccine. Also, the most common bad reaction to a vaccine is developing shoulder pain/frozen shoulder post vaccine. This article gives recommendations on avoiding shoulder pain/injury. Both allergic response and shoulder injury are linked to an over-reaction by the immune system to the vaccine. You can avoid experiencing this overreaction naturally by following these suggestions.

If you're prone to allergies or have food sensitivities or have autoimmune issues or chronic pain these 8 tips can help you have a positive vaccine experience.

#1 Prior to getting the vaccine for a few days before you get the vaccine avoid pro-inflammatory foods high in sugar to experience a better immune response with less unpleasant side effect. You are more likely to experience shoulder or body aches and pain post vaccine if your body is already inflamed. Diabetics are much more likely to develop frozen shoulder in general. Why? High blood sugar causes inflammation: inflammation makes muscles and joints ‘sticky’.

#2 Diabetics are counseled to consume a ‘bolus’ of protein prior to eating carbs which smooths out blood sugar levels. A ‘bolus’ of protein = 20 grams of protein. It’s a good idea to have consumed 20 grams of protein prior to getting your vaccine.

#3 Also consider taking the following supplements OR research foods naturally high in these naturally occurring compounds:

BioActive Quercetin (recommended brand: Natural Factors)

Quercetin is lowers inflammation and blood pressure while stabilizing blood sugar. It is a natural antihistamine by inhibiting histamine release. Quercetin also increases zinc absorption. Blueberries are high in quercetin.

Zinc is also an histamine inhibitor (zinc deficiency is one cause of histamine release). Zinc supports immunity and speeds up wound healing. Vaccines are injected into muscles to purposefully cause a minor muscle wound to prompt the immune system to come repair the wound. Being zinc deficient will slow down healing time.

DAO (Recommenced brand: Umbrellex) DAO is a histamine enzyme inhibitor. DAO keeps histamine levels at a healthy level. DAO alleviates nasal congestion, itchy skin, sneezing and headaches due to histamine release.

#4 After you get your vaccine plan on taking a nap. You will feel more fatigued than usual as your immune system responds to the vaccine. Napping helps your body focus on mobilizing immune response. My theory is that if you do not stop/slow down and nap, ignoring the fatigue that your body might respond by creating other side effects: body aches and/or fever to force you to stop/slow down. Our bodies heal when we are at rest. Plan on going to bed earlier or rising later for the week after you get the vaccine too to get extra sleep. After my first Covid vaccine I slept 10-12 hours each night for a week!

#5 Get Acupuncture!

ElectroAcupuncture has been found to regulate the inflammation response. We recommend getting Acupuncture before and after getting the vaccine to support your body in having a positive vaccine response.

#6 Use heat on your shoulder and arm to day you get the vaccine.

#7 Use a topical analgesic on your shoulder the day of vaccination: want a recommendation on a good one? Please ask. We’re happy to recommend one.

#8 When you get vaccine #2 please consider requesting the injection goes in the opposite arm. This way you are not effecting the same shoulder 21-28 days apart.

#9 Bonus Tip! You may have a more intense immune response after your second vaccine to be prepared to use these 8 Tips again!

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