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Why does humidity increase pain?

We all know, or might be, people who can ‘predict’ changes in weather because joint pain increases. Why does this happen?

In Eastern Medicine, pain that is affected by weather is called Bi Syndrome. ‘Bi’ in this context means obstruction. There are different types of Bi Syndrome: Hot-Damp Bi is triggered by hot, humid weather. Cold-Damp Bi is made worse by cold, damp weather. There is also Wind Bi, pain triggered by Wind or rapidly changing pressure systems.

According to Western Medicine, humid weather increase pain by causing inflammation of the lubricating synovial fluid within joints. Joints then will feel stiffer and swollen. It’s also easier to get dehydrated during hot humid weather: which causes the blood to get thicker and increases pressure on blood vessels. Dehydration also decreases the fluid in joints, which causes pain.

One of the primary ways that Acupuncture works is by stimulating the body’s own anti-inflammatory response. There is even a special point in the ear for weather related pain!The best time to treat Bi Syndrome according to Eastern Medicine is during the late summer - early Fall. This is the perfect time to come in and regulate the ‘damp’ in your body and reduce pain naturally!

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