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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

Harmonize with the Season: Autumn Equinox Acupuncture

Did you know there are special acupuncture treatments that bring you into harmony and alignment with each season when you receive them at the Equinox/Solstice? The Autumn Equinox treatment harmonizes and balances the yin/yang pair of your lungs and large intestine. Treatment at this time helps you avoid getting sick or having allergies during the back to school season and the winter cold and flu months.

Chinese medicine has it's ancient origins in Taoism. Taoism is a ancient philosophy that is about living in harmony with the Tao (the way, or the path). The Tao is the creative universal principle. The Tao is the One, in which all things are unified and connected. To live in harmony with the Tao is to connect with the rhythms of the Seasons, to live in connection with and harmony with Nature. With our modern lifestyles it can be challenging to remain connected and in harmony with the Seasons and Nature. Receiving these special Equinox and Solstice treatments can be a profound way to reconnect and reorient oneself around the solar clock represented by these times of the year. Each season has a particular psycho-emotional-spiritual association; these treatments realigns one with the particular phase of Seasonal development.

According to Chinese Medicine Autumn is the Season to heal the lungs and large intestine. It's the ideal time to build immunity and strengthen the body. The Fall Equinox treatment has both physical and mental-emotional benefits. It involves only two points:

The point, Lung 8 is named Jing Qu (Meridian Gutter) and it promotes clarity by draining all that is obscuring and has lost its purpose. Just as a gutter is pathway for moving excess water away from the home, if it becomes congested by debris, standing water leads to structural problems. Failure of the lungs to descend Qi and fluids can cause lung congestion, sinus congestion, allergies, facial swelling and/or chronic diarrhea. On the mental-emotional level a tendency toward OCD or repetitive thinking, depression, grief (and the inability to release grief). There may be a sense of a lack of inspiration. Unblocking Lu-8 cleanses and renews the entire being, restoring luster and brilliance to your mind and body.

The next point is, LI-1 Jue Yang (Extreme Yang), this point empowers us with the ability to clearly evaluate what is essential and recognize what is no longer essential. We embrace the virtue of letting go of all that does not support your true self. This point helps us cultivate an internal 'purity' by releasing and letting go of all the little things enabling us to clearly recognize what is most important and release what has lost its purpose and value. The lungs filter impurities and the Li absorbs what is essential (water) and release what is waste; mentally-emotionally this allows us to selectively determine what we keep and own as our own (that which serves the true self) and release psychic twinkies, those 'waste' thoughts that take up space and consume your energy but serve no purpose and yet just seem to persist.

Ready to let of of old baggage and release whatever is holding you back? Ready to experience clarity about your purpose? Ready to feel inspired, brilliant, and purified? Harmonize with the Season of Fall and come get a Fall Equinox treatment!

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