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10 Ways to Cope with Stress Holistically & Thrive During Life's Challenges!

Stress can come from both positive and negative sources; a new job or promotion, a fight with a family member, being stuck in traffic, training for a marathon, traveling, even taking a vacation or coming back from a vacation. A healthy person can adapt and adjust to deal with these stressors. However, when stress becomes chronic or too many stressors occur at once it has a cumulative effect, taking a toll on our bodies & minds. Chronic stress keeps us stuck in a 'fight or flight' response which lowers immunity, increases inflammation, tightens up muscles, impairs digestion and metabolism. To improve your health, learn to manage the stress in your life.

Somatization: How the Body Expresses the Mind

Often the mind will say, "I'm fine, I'm tough, I can handle anything!" Then our bodies remind us we are not invincible, we come down with a cold that lingers or develop nagging body pain. This is what is referred to as the somatization of our mental & emotional stress. Somatization is the unconscious conversion of mental-emotional-social stress into physical symptoms. Is your body-mind sending you messages?

Top 10 Ways to Cope with Stress!

1. Practice deep breathing: this is a natural way to shift you from 'fight or

flight' stress response to 'rest & digest' relaxation response. Come learn more about how to practice deep breathing by attending a Relaxation Response class.*

2. Food is medicine! Eat healthy, balanced & nutritious! Limit caffeine, sugar, alcohol, fast food, and unhealthy fried foods. Eat the rainbow! Focus on variety. Take a food based multivitamin if you know your diet is lacking in certain nutrients.

3. Let stuff go: practice forgiveness, both towards yourself and others. Do not harbor negative thoughts and feelings about yourself or others.

4. Make time for solitude! Try and carve out some special time just of yourself, even if it's only a daily walk by yourself. During this time do not listen to music or talk on the phone or fill your mind with outside chatter. Make space for yourself to expand: this helps you build self-awareness and builds a better foundation for responding to life rather than always reacting to life.

5. Learn how to meditate! There are lots of free Apps, free podcasts or go take a class! Yin Rising is offering a great Relaxation Response class* where you'll learn several relaxation & meditation techniques.

6. Prioritize sleep! You absolutely need at least 8 hours of sleep to feel healthy and be stress resilient. Acupuncture and yoga can help you sleep better!

7. Give & get more hugs! Human touch is essential for making us feel safe. Prioritize giving hugs - make them last and breathe deeply during the hug and feel stress melt away. If touch is lacking in your life, prioritize getting bodywork: massage, TuiNa, Reiki and other body therapies have a profound healing effect.

8. Move your body! Yoga, TaiChi, Qi Gong, walks & hikes in nature, can all help you relax and release stress! Yoga has been found to increase your natural production of GABA: a feel good neurotransmitter that also helps your brain focus. You'll feel happier & think better!

9. Take herbs! There are lots of plant based remedies for stress relief! Try a simple cup of chamomile tea to calm your nervous system and improve digestion. For more information about herbs for stress, read below or ask Anna @ Yin Rising for more information.

10. Acupuncture rebalances your nervous system and is profoundly relaxing. Acupuncture releases your bodies natural opioids and endorphins, which makes you feel happier and more relaxed. Acupuncture releases adenosine: a natural analgesic that also makes you sleepy: improving sleep quality. Studies show that not only can acupuncture help you deal with stress better body & mind - acupuncture also makes you more resilient (better able to cope with) stress when life gets challenging! Thrive with acupuncture! Come get acupuncture today!

Acupuncture, yoga and massage is the perfect way to honor and listen to the wisdom of the body-mind and release stress! Acupuncture, yoga & touch make you more resilient which helps you cope with the stress in your life and thrive during life's challenges.

Practice preventative medicine & come release stress and balance your nervous system @ Yin Rising. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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