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Acupuncture Success Story: Chronic back pain post accident

Love the success story: last week I met w a new patient BD (referred by another happy

Back Pain

patient). BD was in a car accident over a year ago. BD also has some preexisting autoimmune issues. BD has been in constant pain since the accident. Chiropractic only helped a little bit: pain management (pills, injections, nerve blocks) either didn't help or made things worse. After one session with me, Orthopedic Acupuncture and Medical Massage/Bodywork, her pain went from a 7 to a 2 and stayed there all week! And after her 2nd treatment we got a text from her saying 'Wow! My back feels almost normal! Thank you!'

Helping people resolve their pain is my life purpose! I especially appreciate working with those with those with autoimmune issues because they are so often misunderstood and therefore often don't receive the right kind of treatments.

Know someone in pain? Send them to Anna Lunaria, L.Ac. @ Yin Rising! Book on-line @ this website or call (480) 206-6199.

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