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Try Acupuncture! Top 10 Reasons Acupuncture is preventative medicine!

Why acupuncture should be an integral part of any preventative medicine plan?

Stay Healthy & Active with Acupuncture!

Receiving acupuncture even once is great for you: improving blood flow and boosting energy while balancing immunity and releasing endorphins. You'll always sleep better on a night after getting acupuncture!

Getting acupuncture on a regular basis leads to the following positive benefits:

10) Enhanced resiliency (handle stress better)

Regulating the autonomic nervous system (shifting you from the sympathetic "fight or flight or freeze response" stress response into the parasympathetic nervous system "rest & digest" relaxation response.

9) Sleep better! Experience deeper more sound rest.

8) Reduce and even eliminate chronic tension, aches, and pain. Enhanced blood flow to muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments + acupuncture promotes the release of your own stem cells to heal damaged tissue faster!

7) Regulate your digestion while balancing metabolism, balance hormones in order to promote natural weight loss! Acupuncture increases both peripheral and abdominal circulation. Acupuncture regulates and normalizes the gastro-intestinal motility which improves digestion and absorption of nutrients.

6) Improve your memory and enhance learning!

5) Enhance and balance your moods! Acupuncture improves mood by balancing hormones and neurotransmitters via the HPA Axis or the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

4) The time spent relaxing during acupuncture often results in falling asleep and taking a nap, experiencing a deep meditative state and/or enjoying time for self-awareness and self-reflection. Experience similar benefits as having a regular meditative or reflection practice.

3) Regulate blood pressure and heart rate naturally!

2) Balance your Immune system! Acupuncture regulates the immune system, preventing illnesses by both improving your resistance to outside pathogens while also making you better able to fight infections. At the first sign of illness, as long as you do not have a fever, make an appointment with your favorite acupuncturist and get in for treatment pronto - you could avert being sick for a long time, decrease symptoms, and in some cases, get rid of it completely before it even has time to settle in!

Got autoimmune concerns? Acupuncture also calms down an overreactive immune system, therefore acupuncture can potentially prevent and alleviate symptoms and development of auto-immune disorders.

1) Acupuncture is calming, restorative and promotes your longevity!

I've noticed that all the elderly patients I see regularly this past Winter, none have them caught a cold or flu!... in a season where many have gotten the flu (different strains 2-3 times over).

One of my favorite bi-weekly patients in her late 80's came in originally for leg and hip pains. She is now pain free, playing golf again, has lost 16 lbs since starting treatment 4.5 months ago, caught one cold but it didn't go into her chest 'like it always does'...

She fell on the golf course last week, was afraid it was going to put her out of commission like injuries have in the past... She came right in for treatment, and happy to report, after treatment, still seems to have suffered no consequence from this fall. She is the picture of restoring life, vitality and longevity!

Practice preventative medicine with regular acupuncture when you're healthy!

When you're already healthy getting acupuncture should be an integral part of your preventative medicine plan!

Schedule your next acupuncture appointment @ Yin Rising Acupuncture today!

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