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  • Anna Lunaria, L.Ac.

Neuro-Meridians! Acupuncture & Neurology

When investigating what makes an Acupuncture point, studies have consistently found that most Acupuncture points are found on or near near nerves. Nerves in our limbs and torso send comm

unication signals from the body to the brain. The brain then sends a signal to the immune system and back to the Neuro-Meridian point. Acupuncture works via the nervous system which then directs the immune, endocrine and circulatory systems! The nervous system is the command center of the body. We can use acupuncture at specific nerves to direct the nervous system in specific ways!

Acupuncture is very effective for neurological problems such as neuropathy, post shingles nerve pain, sciatica, migraine/tension headaches, carpal tunnel and much more. Other conditions such as Trigger Finger, hamstring injuries, knee pain, tennis or golfer's elbow all benefit from acupuncture!

One way acupuncture benefits athletic performance via the nervous system is by stimulating and restoring the sensory nerves within each joint increasing proprioception in each joint! Naturally increase balance, response time, agility and speed!

Acupuncture helps your body heal nerve pain by promoting blood flow while simultaneously recruiting your immune system to decrease inflammation @ the nerve.

MRI studies show that certain Acupuncture points consistently 'light up' (improve blood flow) to specific parts of the brain. And a recent study about carpal tunnel showed that not only did Acupuncture help heal carpal tunnel by reducing pain @ the wrist - the study showed that injuries effect the way our brain 'maps' our body - and that Acupuncture can help restore the proper 'map' and thereby help prevent the injury from reoccurring!

Know someone who has nerve pain!? We love referrals! Send them to Yin Rising!

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